"One With Nature" was made during my residency at Lake George, NY. Behind is the beautiful landscape that inspired it.
"Wrapped" found her match! I made this painting and months later this gorgeous woman showed up on my Facebook feed...Life imitating art at its best! She ended up collecting the artwork.

"Love and Spoil" is a painting that pays homage to motherhood. As a child, the first thing I was taught to write was "My mom loves me. My mom spoils me. I love my mom" "Mi mamá me ama. Mi mamá me mima. Yo amo a mi mamá" Those sentences are embedded in most of us, latino men and women, and they are shown as the background in this painting. This artwork is a homage to all those women that are perpetuating our family trees. Our moms.

I guess it is no surprise it was collected by the mother of the curator of one of the shows where it was exhibited!

"Above You Is The Queen" at its New York collector's home. This painting was one of the first ones from the Queen series. It is close to my heart, and it fills me with joy to know it found its perfect home.

"The Night Thinker" now lives in San Antonio, Texas. The Collector is very excited with her new artwork.

"Reina Santa" Found her home at a doctor's house in Hoboken. The doctor told me: "I have two daughters, and I want them to grow up seeing a strong female figure on our wall" That made my day!
"Insomnia" placed at L'Aquila Teatro Comunale, in Italy as part of the Off Site project. This city was rebuilt and scaffoldings were covered with art.
Insomnia as part of the public project at L'Aquila, Italy 2017. The jurors for this project were: Ian Alteveer, curator at the NY Metropolitan Art Museum, Valerio Bindi, Anti-director del Crack, architect, illustrator and cartoonist, and Malin Fezehai, photographer and film maker. The image was used to cover a 7-story scaffolding of the Teatro Comunale, which is one of the most important symbols of the cultural life in L'Aquila.
Wonderlandia was chosen by "Save Art Space" to be displayed in a public space.
"The American Dream" is all the way to the right as part of the hospitality project for the Kimpton De Witt hotel in Amsterdam
"As Above So Below" a.k.a. "Silver and Gold" were part of the "Frabjous" Annual exhibit at the church of St. Paul the Apostle in New York.
A little sneak peek to my studio in Long Island City, NY. My little piece of heaven.
Two of my collectors in front of "Illuminance"

"The Huntress" was commissioned by a husband to his lovely wife as a Valentine's gift, I was inspired by images from their wedding and the activities they enjoy doing together.

At my solo show in San Antonio, TX. AnArte Gallery.