On Scaffolding of Teatro Comunale de L'Aquila, among the most important symbols of the cultural life of town, have been installed the works of Sandra Mack Valencia, Federico Mass and Alexis Duque,

  I am beyond myself!  Thank you Off Site Art / Artbridge for this incredible opportunity. To bring art to an Italian city that is being rebuilt and reborn L'Aquila. And to top it all, the jurors for this project were: Ian Alteveer, curator at the NY Metropolitan Art Museum, Valerio Bindi, Anti-director del Crack, architect, illustrator and cartoonist, and Malin Fezehai, photographer and film maker. I can't express how overwhelmed with joy I am. I always wish my dad were alive, but today I really wish he could have seen this.

 A special thanks to Veronica Santi, and to the workers and technicians of consoop and the international!