Inspired by the Opera: "Divas, Drama and Grandeur" Solo exhibition at Anarte Gallery, 2023

The painting series “Divas, Drama, and Grandeur” speaks of love, passion, resilience, extravagance, and of all the emotions we encounter in the greatest love stories ever told: The Opera.

From the purity and loyalty of Madame Butterfly to the feisty and passionate Carmen, the tales told on stage become paintings that are both intricate and explosive with brushstrokes and symbols inspired by these emotionally powerful musical experiences. This is how we recognize a fearless “Queen of The Night'' unapologetically breaking into the day, and a “Don Giovanni '' seducing us into his libertine ways while being surrounded by cupids, and the lipstick traces left behind by his numerous lovers.

The artist invites you to dive into these paintings whether or not you are an opera connoisseur. In the end, we don’t need any previous knowledge to understand the many languages of love.